Monday, October 26, 2009


KanMakem: I am creative and I make things. I make things that organize and interpret and present in a manner that is more understandable. Why KanMakEm? Because that is me. Where did that word come in? I love skiing and I ski at Telluride. For anyone who knows Telluride, you have already got the link. There is a famous run there - double diamond - called KantMakEm. So in honor of My Favorite Place, I KanMakEm.

KanMashEm: As I said, I organize and interpret. I'm the classic liberal arts student. I graduated from Colby in Art and Biology, went to Parsons School of Design and have mixed all sorts of ideas in creative ways. Why KanMashEm? Because I can mash together ideas that create something new. Where did that word come from? Well, it obviously relates to KanMakEm. But why Mash? Well, because one of my favorite people to listen to is Tom Friedman and he talks about "mashing" ideas together in The World is Flat 3.0.

So there you go. Welcome to KanMakEm KanMashEm!

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