Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wk 1/Bog #4 Copyright Issues

A year ago, I listened to the videos and read the material from this class on copyright. This year, I have some classroom experience to gain a sense of the challenge faced with fair use and copyright. I am working with the students (grades 5 - 8) on learning how to find research and resources like photos and video on the internet. In the various media projects they have done (Glogster, Museum Boxes etc.), images are inevitable required and finding what they need usually is about locating something on Google. By and large, they really don't understand why, if an image is available for searching on Google, why they shouldn't use it in their paper or project. I think it is going to be hard to have this generation understand copyright given the accessibility of images and video, and the mashing of material done on the web. This issue has been something I've been thinking about and will continue to ponder. Over the next few months, I am planning on developing an integrated curriculum that will develop research skills from 3rd to 8th grade and finding ways to really help the students understand copyright will be one thing I expect to struggle with. I don't have the answer yet, but I'm enjoying looking at the issues again in this class.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the video and thoughts about the difficulty of finding images that one can use. It really does come down being able to find great legal resources.