Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wk1/Bog #3 - The Art of Possibility

Hands down, The Art of Possibility was my favorite book of the entire EMDT program. The Zanders were able to create simple, memorable phrases that had wide meaning and used colorful examples from their life to show what they meant. In the first three chapters, which hooked me on this book instantly, the most meaningful tidbits included a questioning of what assumptions I make that I am not aware of and what might I now invent that I haven't yet. When I graduated from the program, I started working at a private school. The position I was hired to do was new - Technology Integration. From the beginning, I took it and did everything I imagined doing with technology in education working twice as long as I was paid for but having the best time of my life (I still am). The Head of School said recently that he never expected me to do all that I have done and I've excited teachers and students in ways that are meaningful. I think that the spirit of Zander has been with me through the past year and I am eagerly enjoying rediscovering their words of wisdom.

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  1. I'm glad that the Zanders have continued to inspire you to see things that others haven't seen and do things others can't imagine. :-)